Our Approach

Transparency & Accountability

CONACCE Chaplains Africa upholds the highest standards of transparency and accountability in all its operations. The organization maintains financial integrity, regularly reports on project outcomes, and adheres to ethical guidelines. CONACCE Chaplains Africa believes in open communication with stakeholdersand welcomes external evaluations to ensure transparency and maintain public trust.


CONACCE Chaplains Africa adheres to strong governance practices and maintain transparency in all its operations. As an organization, CONACCE Chaplains Africa is guided by a dedicated Board of Directors and operates with strict financial oversight, regular audits, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Capacity Building and Empowerment

CONACCE Chaplains Africa believes in building local capacity and empowering communities to drive sustainable change through training programs, skill development initiatives, and fostering entrepreneurship through social economic development (SED). CONACCE Chaplains equips individuals and organizations with the tools they need to overcome challenges and create lasting impact in their communities. CONACCE Chaplains Africa is dedicated to promoting inclusive economic growth and decent work opportunities. CONACCE Chaplains Africa plans to support entrepreneurship, provide training in vocational skills, and facilitate access to financial services for marginalized individuals and communities.



CONACCE Chaplains Africa relies on diverse range of funding sources to support its programs and initiatives. We receive contributions from governmental agencies, foundations, corporate sponsors, individual donors, and fundraising activities. We ensures transparency, accountability, and effective financial management in all its financial operations.


CONACCE Chaplains Africa receives grants, including funding from governmental agencies, foundations, and international organizations.


CONACCE Chaplains Africa receives financial support from businesses or individuals for specific projects or programs.

Membership Fees

CONACCE Chaplains Africa collects monthly fees from all its members to run the organization.