We are dedicated to serving humanity and restoring the well-being of individuals and communities. As an accredited member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) with codes 657384, 677003, and 140936 UN Global Compact.

About us

CONACCE Chaplains Global Corporation, an esteemed international humanitarian organization, is led by its visionary founder and vision bearer, H.E. Gen Carlos Abrahan Arroba Gaibor. With his unwavering commitment to the organization's mission and values, Gen Carlos Arroba has played a pivotal role in shaping CONACCE Chaplains into a global force for positive change.

The Africa Command of CONACCE Chaplains, an integral part of the organization's operations, is led by the esteemed Gen Dr Kamdem Nounga D. His leadership and expertise have been instrumental in driving the organization's impact and fostering partnerships across the African continent.

In addition, CONACCE Chaplains has established a significant partnership with the National Association of Chaplain CONACCE Chaplains (ANCCC), which grants us valuable endorsement. This collaboration, recognized through Apostille and Legalization, further strengthens our credibility and reinforces our dedication to our cause.




CONACCE Chaplains Africa actively promotes sustainable development by implementing projects that address poverty alleviation, education, healthcare etc.

Humanitarian Aid &

Emergency Response

Through rapid response teams and strategic partnerships, CONACCE delivers immediate relief supplies, medical assistance among others in times of crisis.

Community Development

We are dedicated to promoting inclusive economic growth and decent work opportunities. We plan to support entrepreneurship, provide training in vocational skills etc.


Ordinary Chaplains

Members of this group contribute a monthly membership fee of $10.

Elite Gold

Members of the Elite Gold group contribute a monthly membership fee of $20.

Elite Platinum

Members of the Elite Platinum group contribute a monthly membership fee of $25.


The organization has continuously evolved to address the changing needs of communities and has expanded its reach to various regions globally.

Chaplain Training


Delegates Meetings