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CONACCE Chaplains International our passion is to be generators of change processes, both personal and team, the goal that we aim is to see the leadership and enthusiasm of chaplains emerge in order to that they continue to renew themselves and develop on an organizational level, achieving extraordinary results that until today have not been seen.

We are authorized by Inter-Governmental Organizations, the United Nations treaty, Diplomatic Corps ICC- ICA SCM, ITC, Interpol Command and the Monetary Fund Asian International.

We are an Intergovernmental Organization with status in the social economic system of the United Nations (UN-ECOSOC Code No. 657384 and 677003, authorized by the United Nations Diplomatic body, the European Union Certificate No. 060917-02, International Court ofArbitration 0141, Council of Asia and the Pacific.

The organisation is led by its visionary founder and vision bearer, H.E. Gen Carlos Abrahan Arroba Gaibor. With his unwavering commitment to the organization’s mission and values, Gen Carlos Arroba has played a pivotal role in shaping CONACCE Chaplains into a global force for positive change.

Among other responsibilities, he is also holds positions in the Human Rights Relations, Bishop and Judge of Peace, Special Court of Arbitration, Inspector General - Civil Military Affairs, International Chief of Federal Police Chaplaincy USA.

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